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Species Identification

Species identification is fundamental when recording biodiversity data. There are many species identification guides, websites and apps available. We have listed some for each country. Butterflies are relatively easy to identify to species level. Therefore, the focus is on this species group. For other groups of flower visitors, more specialist information is required to identify them to species. Therefore, the other flower visitors are split into these categories: honeybees, bumblebees, solitary bees, hoverflies, flies, beetles, bugs, moths, and wasps. These groups can only be recorded at group level in this app.

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  • Butterflies of Central Europe & Britain by Peter Gergely
    This Field Guide contains information to identify 269 butterfly species occurring in Britain, Western and Central Europe. With detailed pictures of identification characteristics and precise pointing marks, this Guide will help you to identify difficult and similar species.

    Author Peter Gergely. A hardcopy can be bought at the Dutch Butterfly Conservation. link
  • Identify the differences between wild bees, bumblebees, wasps and hovervlies link


  • Vlinder herkenningskaart link
  • Wilde bijen determinatie link
  • Hommels link

United Kingdom

  • Butterfly identification guide by Butterfly Conservation link
  • Common UK Butterfly Identification and Facts - Woodland Trust link
  • Bumblebee identification guide by Bumblebee Conservation Trust link
  • What's that bumblebee app by Bumblebee Conservation Trust iOS Android
  • UK Pollinator Monitoring Scheme (POMS) link